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Community Services

We have a large team of highly skilled, qualified and experience Support Workers, who genuinely care about our clients wellbeing and quality of life. 

Our team provide support for Daily and Domestic Assistance, Community Access, Transport and Respite, tailored to our client's individual needs. We specialise in clients with complex mental or physical needs. 

Community Based Supports We Offer

Participation in Community Activities

Our team will help support you to:

  • Join in community, social and civic activities.

  • Locate or attend interest groups.

  • Find activities that you can join or do for free.

  • Get out in the community: whether that's visits to parks, events, beaches, pools or other free activities.

Daily Personal Activities

Our team will assist you to:

  • Complete a range of everyday activities, in the comfort of your home.

  • Perform personal activities, such as showering, bathing, dressing, grooming, hygiene, getting in/out of bed, eating and moving around.

Assistance with Household Tasks

Our team will assist you to:

  • Live comfortably in your home.

  • Perform household tasks, such as cleaning, meal preparation, laundry, house maintenance (such as spring cleaning or window cleaning), dishwashing and de-cluttering.


Our tram can support you to:

  • Get to/from school or work.

  • Travel to/from appointments or community based activities.

  • Access local shops, facilities or activities.

  • Collect shopping/groceries etc. 

If you’d like more information about our services, get in touch today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Social and Community Participation Services?

The purpose of Community Services in general is to help you participate in, or strengthen your ability to participate in community, social or civic activities independently. These funds are to support you to be more connected to and engage in a range of social and community activities, including interest groups, hobbies, social outings with friends/families, local attractions, community locations etc. 

Why Is There Social and Community Participation in Core and Capacity Building?

During your NDIS Planning Meeting, it may have been identified that you could benefit from assistance to participate in the community and/or interest activities. These may have been assessed as things that contribute to your everyday quality of life. You may also or alternatively been assessed as needing support to increase your skills together prepare for social and community participation (or improve an aspect of). Supports to increase your social skills will be funded under capacity building, as they require specialist input, reporting and assessment

You can find out more about how the supports are funded on the NDIS Support budgets in your plan page

What Type of Activities Can I Participate in?

There is no set activities, events, locations or groups that you must attend. It is really important that you consider what activities you enjoy and what you would like to spend your time doing. Every person has unique interests, passions, needs and skills - so your sports are completely individualised to your needs and interests. 

Some of the activities can include visits to movies, museums, art galleries, parks, local events, landmarks, beaches, creeks, fishing, diving, markets (such a art/craft/hobby markets), expos or any other interest groups. You might want to continue with a skill or interest you already have, or you could consider learning a new skill or trying a new hobby, the choice is yours. 

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