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Plan Management

What does a Plan Manager Do?

Your NDIS Plan Manager looks after the administration of your NDIS plan. This includes advice on how to spend your funds, monitoring your spending, paying NDIS Provider invoices, and providing assistance when you need it.

How can a Plan Manager be of service?

Your NDIS Plan Manager will help you to get the most from your NDIS Plan while saving you time in the administration of funds. We make the whole process easy while ensuring you get the best value from all your NDIS Service Providers.

Our Plan Manager will help you to:

  • Understand what funding is available in your NDIS Plan

  • Understand what services are eligible for funding

  • Learn how to keep track of spending and stick to a budget

  • Pay the appropriate Service Providers using your NDIS Funding

Do you need a Plan Manager?

If your NDIS Plan includes funding for plan management, then we highly recommend that you use it! Before you get started, we welcome your enquiry and would love to answer any questions you have.

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